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Combining the arc with the arc for smooth


We can create arcs in several ways and methods.
This time we will make the Draw Arcs arc method by Specifying the Start, End, Direction / Radius for a smooth arc generated images, not broken.
When we have a starting point and end point, use the Start, End, Direction or the Start, End, Radius option.
We can draw a bow with determining the start point, end point, and radius.
We can also determine the radius by entering the length or by moving clockwise or counter-clockwise,
and click to determine the distance.
We can draw a bow with a pointing device by setting the start point and endpoint and direction.
Move the cursor to the top of the starting point and end point to draw the arc concave to the object.
Move the cursor to the bottom draw arcs convex to the object.
In order for the results look good, not broken .... please use the tangent....

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  1. Does anyone know how to get the SolidWorks program? I need a site to know where to get it from and how it can work on a Mac. If you can help me out that's be great..

    Solidworks 2012