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Drawing an arc

To draw an arc, select the Home tab panel> Draw Arc, and follow the prompts. You can click the Arc
button and follow the options on the command line, or access the options by clicking the button down
arrows. Object locks are often helpful when drawing the bow.
When drawing an arc by using the Start, End, and the choice of Radius, three specification actually defines
arc two possibilities, one small and one large. ARC command draw an arc minor by default, in
the opposite direction. (A minor arc is less than half a circle.) If you enter a negative number for
radius, draw an arc major command. Option that requires an angle also defines two possible arcs, one
drawn opposite and one drawn clockwise. AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT attract the opposite
arc by default.

Command: _arc Specify start point of arc or [Center]:
Specify second point of arc or [Center / End]: _e
Specify end point of arc: r
Specify center point of arc or [Angle / Direction / Radius]: Specify radius of _r

arc: 43

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