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Creating Polar Arrays

In making the polar array, we can make with counterclockwise or clockwise, depending on whether we will enter positive or negative value for sudutnya.Jari-finger array is determined by the distance from a particular focal point for the reference or base point on the last selected object.
We can use a standard reference point (usually an arbitrary point which coincides with the point snap), or we can determine the new base point which will be used as a reference point.

Array Size Limit
If we determine a very large number of rows and columns to arrays, AutoCAD may take a long time to make default, the number of array elements that can be generated by a limited command is controlled by setting 100.000.MaxArray in registri.we can change boundary by assigning variables using the recording system MaxArray (setenv "MaxArray" "n") where n is the number between 100 and 10,000,000 (ten million).

To make a polar array
From the Modify menu, choose Array.
In the Array dialog box, choose Polar Array.
Next to Center Point, Enter the value of X and Y values to the center of the polar array.
Click Pick Center Point button.
Array dialog box closes and AutoCAD requested object selection.
Select the object to be arranged.
Fill in the total number of items.
Contents Angle to fill
Select OK to create the array.


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